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INFO on Hiking, Swimming, Boating, Fishing,
and other RECREATIONS around Mount Arab

Most of our guests are family groups, and many of them come back year after year. Some like to hike or bike. Most like to spend at least part of their time swimming in the lake; among them a few who I've rarely seen dry! Others prefer to fish, or canoe.

Some folks we almost never see. They use their cabin as a home base, and spend most of their vacation searching out all the wonderful things to do throughout the Adirondacks, and beyond. And, more than a few simply want to lounge around, soaking up the mountain air, and enjoy their freedom from duty, worry, and the other 50 weeks of the year.

No matter what your plans, we know you will love Mount Arab. When it comes to BOATING, CANOEING, or SWIMMING, you will not find at better place than our lake front. Immediately at hand, you will find a great canoe trip. Starting at our dock, paddle north about 1 mile to the end of the lake, to the outlet blocked by a small dam. Climb out of the canoe, lift it gently over the bridge above the dam, and launch it into the water on the other side. Paddle quietly along this stream as it winds through the bog ahead, keeping your eyes and ears open. You will find yourself in a wilderness that seems far removed from the paths of men. You may also portage your canoe over the carry about 1/2 mile from our dock into Mount Arab Lake, and explore there as well. If you have plans to go further afield, check out St. Regis Canoe Outfitters.

Eagle Crag Lake has good FISHING. You will find Largemouth Bass, Rainbow Trout, Bluegill Sunfish, and Bullheads, just to mention a few of the more frequent catches pulled from our waters with great excitement by the many young fisherman who come to stay with us. If you are after bigger game such as Northern Pike or Walleye, we are only a short distance from the Raquette River and Big Tupper Lake. There are countless other bodies of water within a day's circle of Mount Arab that you can fish, canoe, and explore.

If it's HIKING, BIKING, or MOUNTAIN climbing you're after, we have it in all degrees of difficulty. The Mount Arab community, encompassing two lakes and a scattering of private cottages, has a small road and trail system. In addition, there are enough logging roads around the area to challenge any mountain biking enthusiast. Running through the property, we also have the Adirondack Railroad. This will lead you into some genuinely beautiful places, totally uninhabited, and you can't possibly get lost! I personally enjoy railbiking the line.

The climb up our very own MOUNT ARAB is a bit more difficult, but still easy enough for the little kids to handle, and the big 'kids' to enjoy. It makes a great starter mountain for taking up "the Fire Tower Challenge". Inspired by Mount Arab, read "Views From on High". Adirondack author John Freeman's great little book provides pictures and trail maps to the remaining fire towers, and highlights their place in Adirondack history.

If you really want to bushwhack, there is the hike to Bridgebrook Pond, a full size lake about a mile behind the Lodge. Bridgebrook has no road access, and is about as close to wilderness as you can get and still have civilization nearly around the corner. And of course, a short drive from Mount Arab will take you to trailheads throughout the Adirondacks.

And sometime during your stay you really must visit the new Natural History Museum of the Adirondacks in Tupper Lake, the WILD Center. Discover the flora and fauna of the Adirondacks including Adirondack wild flowers that most people never see during their brief flowering period. You will also see live fish, watch playful otters, and enjoy nature trails down along the Raquette River.

It is also fun to drive through the Adirondack Park visiting the many small towns and hamlets, each with its own unique history and flavor. To the west you will find Cranberry Lake and the five ponds wilderness area. Head east and not a great distance past Tupper Lake along Route 3 you will arrive at the village of Saranac Lake. Take Route 86 about ten minutes further east and you will find yourself in the Olympic town of Lake Placid be sure to visit the historic farm of John Brown, a martyr to freedom just before the Civil War. Heading south out of Tupper Lake, Route 30 takes you to Long Lake. You may then turn east to Newcomb, or turn right and continue south to Blue Mountain Lake. Exploring further, head east to Indian Lake and North Creek, or west to Old Forge.

Passing through Blue Mountain you will find the Adirondack Experience, a museum of Adirondack history. If you are in the vicinity of Saranac Lake or Paul Smiths, check out the Six Nations Iroquois Cultural Center. Fort Ticonderoga, and Ausable Chasm are on the eastern edge of the Adirondacks. There are two uniquely different Adirondack Park Visitor Centers, one just past Paul Smiths, and one near Newcomb. I probably shouldn't put this in here, but there are even a few 'theme parks' scattered about. From where we are located in the center of the Adirondacks, you may even consider day trips to places outside the park. The 1000 Islands region, and the cities of Ottawa and Montreal in Canada are not far away. Closer to home, contact Tupper Lake Chamber of Commerce for information about places and events near Tupper Lake. And, you will find the Adirondack Website another useful Adirondack resource.

Many visitors wish to take home a piece of Adirondack artistry. The north country is home to many skilled artists and artisans, often working in a natural media, who produce a grand variety of quality art and craft objects that will grace your home, and provide fond memories of your Adirondack experience.

We are quite positive you will run out of vacation before you run out of things to do during your stay at Mount Arab. The fact that folks keep coming back says it all! We know you'll love it too!

Dick Bentley     (518-359-9300)

CLICK to RETURN to our Home Page. CLICK to look at our beautiful Lake Front. CLICK to find out where we are located.
CLICK to view our largest cottage, EAGLE CRAG MANOR CLICK to look at Val-Al cottage.


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