Winter Safety on our Frozen Lakes from NYSDEC

Safe ice is the number one consideration. A minimum of three to four inches of solid ice is the general rule for safety. Ice thickness, however, is not uniform on any body of water. The guidelines presented here (based on Minnesota Department of Natural Resources) are based on new clear ice on non-running waters. Remember, your own good judgment is essential! Since ice thickness can vary on a lake, check the ice periodically to stay safe.

Ice Thickness Table for new, clear ice only
Ice Thickness Permissible Load
2 inches or less Stay Off
4 inches Ice fishing or other activities on foot
5 inches Snowmobile or ATV
8-12 inches Car or small pickup
12-15 inches Medium truck

Note: This guide is based on new, clear ice on non-running waters. Slush ice is about 50 percent weaker. Clear, ice over running water is about 20 percent weaker. Double the recommendations for white ice. Many ice anglers do not like to fish on less than five inches of ice, and do not like to drive a pick-up truck on less than 15 inches of ice. Use common sense!


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Mount Arab is the one in S.E. St. Lawrence County.)

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Leave No Trace
On NYS State or Easement Land for groups of 21 or more
a Temporary Revocable Permit (TRP) is required.

Groups of 21-50 in non-competitive activity and School groups
may use an Expedited TRP
which requires NO fee or Liability Insurance.

TRP Application Form (PDF)
TRP Instruction Guide for those who CANNOT use 'Expedited TRP'

Submit your TRP (for here at Mount Arab) to:

DEC Region 6 - St. Lawrence County
190 Outer Main Street, Suite 103
Potsdam, NY 13676

Attn:   Henry Dedrick, Supervising Forester
Email the filled in PDF file to:

The DEC would like to know about your MOOSE sighting.
Read about the DEC moose sighting program.
And here is the on-line Report Form.
You can email any pictures you may have taken of moose to:
And, you may view pictures of moose HERE.

Friends of Mount Arab (FOMA),
the group of volunteers
including several of our community members that stewards our
very own namesake mountain in cooperation with NYSDEC, has a
website at: and a
FaceBook page at:

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